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Is your todo list a guilt-trip of things you thought were important but haven't done?

We've been there too. You have lots of things you want to get done. You store them so you won't forget. But now you're facing a seemingly-insurmountable list of varying priorities that just causes more stress.

RocketLog helps you focus on the things you actually care about so your mind is free for creativity and deep work.

By following the well-established practices of rapid logging and migration, you will always know what your priorities are, while the unimportant things just fade away, guilt-free.

Unburden your mind

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RocketLog is privacy-respecting open-source software with a premium hosted option for your convenience.

Photo of Jess Archer

Created by Jess Archer

Digital maker, podcaster, speaker, and fan of bullet journalling.

Why another todo list?

RocketLog is not your average todo list. It's a fan-letter to bullet-journalling, rapid-logging, and task migration.

Many of the limitations of a paper journal are what make them so good for focus and prioritisation.

The process of bullet journalling gives you an organisation system to manage this.

RocketLog makes this digital, while also providing conveniences that aren't possible with paper.

How does it work?

As you add new tasks to your todo list, the older incomplete tasks naturally fall out of view, unless you migrate them forward.

This naturally causes you to reassess what's still important versus what only felt important at the time.

If you don't complete or migrate a task forward, it will start fading away as you add newer tasks.

This gives you a more organic and truer representation of what is important to you. No arbitrary priority rankings, and no "smart" automated prioritisation.

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RocketLog respects your privacy and freedom

The RocketLog software project is open-source and free to self-host. We believe in maintaining the privacy of your data. We believe that you should be free to see "under the hood" of the software you use, and be able modify it if you see fit.

While RocketLog is completely free to host yourself, we understand that not everyone has the time or knowledge to manage software hosting themselves.

That's why we offer a premium hosted option for your convenience. We'd be honoured to take care of your data for you and do not take that trust lightly. We won't share anything with third parties and we don't include any of the invasive tracking code that is prevalent on so many services these days.

You will also be helping to support the ongoing development of the project.

Unburden your mind